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at Walt Disney World

Letʼs get your table!

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Weʼre your Dining Reservation Concierge

It can be hard to get reservations at your favorite Walt Disney World restaurants. Let us do it for you! 🧚🏼‍♀️

Like Magic

Weʼll get you tables at your favorite restaurants while you sleep, play, or whatever! ✨

Save Time

No need to mark your calendar, wake up early or keep checking availability. We do the boring part so you can focus on having fun! 🍦

A Fair Deal

We donʼt charge up front. You only pay once we book your reservation. 🍽

Personal Service

We care about booking your reservation like itʼs our own — and we take our dining plans very seriously! 🤓

Set it and forget it

Just tell us where and when youʼd like to go. No waiting for alerts. No missed chances.

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How it works


Create your plans

Use our simple order form to tell us the restaurant, date, time, and party size you want.

Let us make your reservations

We search for and book reservations for your plans as soon as they become available. You'll get a confirmation email when we make a reservation.

Umm, thatʼs it…

There is no step 3 – unless you count enjoying your magical dining experience!

Reservations from $2 to $6 per guest

Expert service and hassle-free planning for about the price of soft drinks. 🥤

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Do you book reservations for me?
Yes! When we find a table that matches your plans weʼll make a reservation for you, on the spot.
Can I request an exact time?
You can make your time window as narrow as 30 minutes but weʼll have better luck finding you a table the more flexible your plans are.
How long will it take to get my reservation?
It depends. Popular restaurants and larger parties can take longer. Itʼs best to send us your plans as far in advance as possible.
How far in advance should I make my dining plans?
The sooner the better. You donʼt need to wait until the restaurantʼs 60-day booking window. Weʼll hold on to your plans and make the reservations as soon as possible.
What if a table is immediately available when I place my order?
If we find your table within 30 minutes of you completing your order itʼs free – just like if you had booked it yourself! You donʼt need to worry about checking availability before you order.
Am I guaranteed to get a reservation?
Unfortunately, no. We do our best to book all your plans but we might not always be able to find you a table. We never charge for plans weʼre not able to fulfill.

Getting hungry? Start planning now.