Introducing Tiered Pricing

TLDR; We're now offering lower pricing for most restaurants! Prices range from $2 to $6 per guest.

At Dining Fairy we love helping you create your perfect Disney World experience and we strive to give you the best customer service at a fair and sustainable price; fair for you and sustainable for us. The most important thing we do to provide you a wonderful experience is have a high success rate in booking your requests. That is, the number of reservations we book versus the number of requests we get. In our first year we've been able to achieve a 94% success rate, which we're really proud of.

Since we only charge for booked reservations it's important to set our pricing carefully to keep our success rate up. Too low and our success rate quickly drops because so many people make requests that there aren't enough tables available to go around and many of them go disappointingly unbooked. Too high and even a perfect success rate isn't worth the cost. We think we've found a good balance between the demand at our price point and the availability of reservations, but we're always trying to learn new ways to give you a better deal.

One thing we've learned is that our overall success rate isn't the whole story. Not all of the restaurants we offer have the same extreme demand and difficulty booking. A few of them are virtually impossible to book but many more are just tricky and time consuming. We often could have booked more requests for those restaurants but with our flat pricing the value of having us book those wasn't always worth it. We want to help you get all of your favorite restaurants, not just the super difficult ones, so you can have the best trip possible, as easily as possible. So today we're introducing tiered pricing based on our experience with how challenging each restaurant is to book. Each tier has the lowest price we can offer while maintaining our excellent success rate.

We now have three kinds of pixie dust: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Bronze tier is $2 per guest. We can often book these restaurants within our 30 minute free period, but if there's no immediate availability it can still be convenient to let us handle booking them for you, especially for larger parties since even these restaurants can have limited availability for large groups.

The Silver tier is $4 per guest. These can be tricky to book and usually take more than a few days or even weeks to find availability. Many of our personal favorites and lots of popular locations are included in this tier but now at a better price.

The Gold tier is $6 per guest. These reservations are very limited and demand for them is highly competitive. Using our expertise you'll have the best chance possible of getting your reservations at these locations.

Restaurants may change tiers over time, but when they do any of your requests we're already searching for will get the lower price whether it's the old or new one.

As a thank you to everyone who has recently booked with us, any reservations we've already made for dates after May 7th that are now in a lower tier will receive a partial refund to match the new pricing. Also any requests we're currently searching for will automatically get the new, lower price.

These new tiers offer better balance between value and success rate across all the restaurants we offer. We can't wait to help you perfect your next Disney experience!